The FUN in FUNdraising

As if the band, food, dancing, drinks, and auction baskets weren’t exciting enough… 
Ticket Image

Imagine ACCORD helping neighbors to not only get past a conflict but develop a wonderful friendship.
Imagine ACCORD facilitating a discussion between statewide organizations that need a space to move forward from past differences and create a bright future.
Imagine ACCORD changing the life of a child who has seen things and experienced life in ways no child should and create a life for them that is filled with hope and love.
Except, there is no need for you to imagine these things, because these things are happening at ACCORD right now!  This is ACCORD’s present!  These things all happen due to the amazing volunteers, board, and staff that ACCORD has along with all the people who give so generously and selflessly every single year.

If this is ACCORD’s present- think of all that could be ACCORD’s future!  

Every year ACCORD puts on a fabulous Fundraiser called, “Peaceful Pairings”.  This fundraiser is just one of the many ways ACCORD can increase it’s visibility in our community!

Last year’s Peaceful Pairings brought in $3,000.05!

$35 for a single ticket, $60 for a couple

How awesome would it be if we could double that number this year?
The money that is brought in from this Fundraiser helps ACCORD to provide:
*Community training to schools, community groups, and government employees.
*Group Facilitation
*Provide training to bring in more volunteer CASA and Mediators

Last year:
6 out of 8 board members purchased tickets to Peaceful Pairings
2 out of 22 volunteer CASA’s purchased tickets to Peaceful Pairings
4 out of 50 volunteer Mediators purchased tickets to Peaceful Pairings

  Purchasing tickets to this event is just one more way to show your support for ACCORD and encouragement for the ACCORD staff.  We have great love and appreciation for each of you as you have given of your time, energy, and of yourself.  Each of you have served this organization in ways that would be tough to put a price tag on- and there are no words to express that gratitude that we, as the staff, have for those special moments.

Help us to make this year’s Peaceful Pairings Fundraiser the best year ever!  Help us to get the word out to the people of this community that ACCORD can and is making a difference in this community today!

Get excited with us.  Hope with us.  Dream with us.  

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