We love you!

April is “love your volunteers” month! Well… really, it’s volunteer appreciation month- but the word “appreciate” just doesn’t seem to cover our feelings for each of you.

     V– Valuable
O– Open
L– Lively
U– Unstoppable
N– Notable
T– Talented
E– Energetic
E– Empathetic
R– Reliable

Our volunteers consist of CASA’s, Mediators, and Board Members and every single one of you plays a crucial role here at ACCORD.

CASA’s: The work you do is incredible!  You are superstars!  You have seen those who are marginalized and on the outskirts of society and made it your duty to see that their life is cared for and that these kids have a permanent and safe place to live.  You have walked next to these kids in some of the most difficult days of their lives and given them a voice when they had none.  You have held the hands of children who have experienced things many people in this world couldn’t even begin to fathom- but you heard the details of their story and, instead of walking away in fear, you became a superhero for them!  CASA volunteer, I know you aren’t in this for “pats on the back”, but I love you for the heart you have for these children- you inspire me with your dedication and finding justice for those who desperately need it!  You are so loved- Thank you!

MEDIATORS: Peacemakers of the world!  The work you do is difficult.  It is hard to be someone who stays impartial and helps guide discussion around a dispute that often you could see the answer to yourself with ease!  But you keep on truckin’: asking questions, reflecting, engaging in active listening, and impacting a community that is finding great value in mediation.  You have helped to mend relationships between neighbors, ex-partners, consumers and merchants, children and parents, and the list goes on.  And as mediators, we know, that not every mediation ends with hugs and handshakes but sometimes even just a friendly nod or some eye contact between parties is better than how it may have ended in court.  You are changing the world one mediation at a time- people are learning how to talk to one another and be better communicators when it comes down to disputes!  This is because you are dedicated to the cause of bettering our community!  You are so loved- Thank you!

BOARD MEMBERS: Behind the scenes hard at work!  You all give so much of your time, effort, and energy into helping make this place run!  You are vision casters, planners, and dreamers for this organization!  You help to move us forward and continue to evolve as we become more and more embedded in this community.  You are strategic planners.  Helping to create very real goals and steps to take in order to achieve what we all know ACCORD is capable of doing!   Thank you for working so hard to support ACCORD and be our cheer leaders, as well as, behind the scenes people!  You are so loved- Thank you!

ACCORD has 98 volunteers that help it to be a light in the community!  You all are ACCORD- we are ACCORD together!  And we will continue to be the positive change we long for in this place!

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