ACCORD now offers Conflict Coaching

ACCORD, A Center for Dispute Resolution, Inc., is now offering another Unified Court System sponsored program. Conflict Coaching is perfect for individuals experiencing conflict. A conflict coach will help a party manage conflict more effectively and develop necessary competencies to promote better conflict management skills and resolve issues.

Conflict coaching is best described as a one-on-one process that allows an individual to discuss a matter of conflict with a trained coach, develop conflict management strategies and skills, while being empowered to put together an action plan to best move forward. Much like other services provided by ACCORD, conflict coaching allows for a party to receive third party support while still remaining in control of the process.

ACCORD’s trained conflict coaches have received formal training in conflict communication and have committed themselves to listening to others while helping to apply insights and skills to one’s conflict. A party is an individual who is voluntarily seeking out assistance with the specific purpose of handling conflict more effectively.

A party can benefit from this service as it offers them an opportunity to explain his or her situation to a coach, answer carefully selected questions, which can then allow a party to see the conflict from a different perspective. The value of conflict coaching is in the receipt of strategies to move forward, while identifying and practicing skills to employ an action plan.

Conflict coaching serves as an alternative to mediation. It can help when individuals are unwilling or cannot meet face-to-face in conventional mediation. Before conflicts become a major problem, it can help an individual clarify thinking, prioritize issues, and develop alternative methods of communication before the conflict escalates.

It can be used to prepare for mediation, allowing the individual to have time to gain insight into the conflict and create better mediation skills where the individual does not fall into the same previous patterns that lead to the conflict. It can also be used after mediation such as post-divorce mediation as parties may still be trying to navigate the new relationship.

Conflict Coaching can be summarized as:

  • A one-on-one process used to develop an individuals conflict understanding, interaction strategies and/or interaction skills.
  • A trained conflict coach will walk you through the conflict and potentially create an action plan with how to move forward.
  • Conflict coaching walks an individual through another perspective of the conflict.
  • A coach helps an individual prepare for a more constructive conflict conversation.
  • A coach will help an individual develop skills for current and future conflicts.

Conflict Coaching is beneficial to:

  • Individuals dealing with change.
  • Individuals dealing with workplace disputes.
  • Individuals dealing with bullying.
  • Individuals dealing with a personal issue.
  • Individuals dealing with a current ACCORD case.

Conflict Coaching not appropriate for:

  • An individual not willing to participate.
  • An individual too distraught or angry to have a conversation.

If you or someone you know would be interested in learning more about the Conflict Coaching program or to schedule an appointment, please contact Program Coordinator, Tasha Taylor at or (607) 724-5153 ext. 301.

One thought on “ACCORD now offers Conflict Coaching

  1. Very clear, concise and complete summary of Conflict Coaching. I can personally vouch that this process can be a transformative experience for the individual. What an impactful service that ACCORD offers to our community!

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