ACCORD and Raise the Age

ACCORD, A  Center for Dispute Resolution, Inc., greatly welcomes the new opportunities presented to our organization through the Raise the Age initiative and with the help of several referral sources, social agencies, and our the Unified Court System to help promote juvenile justice throughout Broome and Tioga Counties. Our staff worked diligently to obtain a grant from the Unified Court System to solidify our plans to provide enhanced juvenile justice programming through alternative dispute resolution (ADR) services for those ages seven to seventeen.

Our Raise the Age program focuses on diversion and reentry needs of the youth impacted within the juvenile justice system while ensuring social justice for those individuals in need. We provide ADR services to youth that are voluntary and provide them with self-determination in the process. Their participation in varied ADR services provided through ACCORD include conflict coaching, mediation, and restorative practices as a proactive and responsive process that is as safe as possible for all involved.

By providing ADR services to youth, we will work to reduce recidivism rates and provide them with the opportunity for communicative and emotional skill development, an improved feeling of connectedness and engagement within one’s community, and have a stronger understanding of how the impact of their actions. It is with every intention to reinforce desired conflict behavior changes, help youth to imagine and understand what relationships can be like, develop and map out how to work toward and achieve their goals, and well as reduce negative behaviors and increase positive attitudes.

ACCORD is proudly collaborating with a number of other agencies to help the impending case load which will be increasing as the Raise the Age reform is less than a month away. As of October 1st, 2018, the age of criminal responsibility will increase to seventeen. The organizations which we are going to be involved with moving forward include but are not limited to:

  • The Office for Children and Families  (OCFS)
  • The Children’s Home of Wyoming Conference
  • Tioga County Persons in Need of Supervision (PINS) Unit
  • Finger Lakes Parent Network (FLPN)

ACCORD is also fully engaged in monthly meetings for the Tioga County Youth Assessment Team which is comprised of representatives from Tioga Department of Probation, Department of Social Services, PINS, Mental Hygiene Services, local schools and services agencies. All come together to review open juvenile justice cases and discuss the best course of action for diversion or adjustment services. We will continue to strive to provide the highest quality services to youth in order to promote healthier and safer communities right here in our backyard.





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